Excellence assured with the best instruments

San Polo Lamiere’s excellence stems from high quality in the elements that are essential for attaining the final result. In fact the company, both in terms of search and acquisition of the raw material and in the processing’s technological updating, represents one of the leading realities in the competitive scenario.


Availability of the best materials in the worldwide market, particularly where high quality and elevated specialisation are concerned, is the fruit of an extensive and meticulous research. The acquisition of raw materials follows a process of constant selection among the most established international suppliers, based on an in-depth knowledge of the potential and characteristics of each.


Technological innovation, for San Polo Lamiere, plays an all-important role. The completeness and versatility of state-of-the-art plants allow the company to offer full coverage for the requirements of numerous sectors in which Clients operate. From automotive to structural steel work, from home appliances to earth moving equipment, the aim is to guarantee maximum effectiveness in terms of quality, format and thickness. Always and ever!

Gli impianti di San Polo Lamiere

7 spianatrici
- Spessori da 0,5 a 15mm
- Larghezze fino a 2050 mm
4 Slitter
- Spessori da 0,5 a 15mm
- Larghezze fino a 2050 mm
7 centri di taglio
- Spessori da 0,6 a 15mm
- Larghezze fino a 8000 mm