A state-of-the-art service

Client satisfaction is the primary goal of the company, which identifies this aspect as something that cannot be neglected. This stems from people, their interaction and the attention which San Polo Lamiere pays to every single request, always responding with the most effective solution. A synergy of different factors that integrate to guarantee a final result of supreme quality and precision.


The culture for quality and know-how constitute distinctive elements that result in the in-depth knowledge of the product, the market needs and all its issues. To these must be added the on-going personnel training through which San Polo Lamiere is able to guarantee a high level of specific expertise to each individual Client.


The staff’s professionalism is supported by a scrupulous company organisation and by the plant’s versatility, which envisages back-up solutions designed to ensure the best possible service in every instance. These are all facets from which is derived maximum reliability in processing precision, delivery promise and personalised packaging.


A strong point of San Polo Lamiere, is its ability for adaptation, privileging Client requests and prevailing over the most complex and demanding productive and logistic challenges. The technological platform and the organisational structure are designed to meet all commitments, always with optimal precision and punctuality.